• MEBO在疤痕灸治疗后促进创面愈合的作用
  • The Healing Effect of MEBO Ointment on the Wounds after Being Given Direct Moxibustion
  • 龙智铨.MEBO在疤痕灸治疗后促进创面愈合的作用[J].中国烧伤创疡杂志,2012,24(1):65~66.
    中文关键词:  顽固性网球肘  瘢痕灸  湿润烧伤膏  治疗
    英文关键词:Refractory lateral epichondylitis  Direct Moxibustion  MEBO Ointment  Treatment
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          目的 了解湿润烧伤膏(MEBO)在顽固性网球肘瘢痕灸治疗后促进伤口愈合的作用。方法 将42例瘢痕灸治疗后的患者随机分为两组,治疗组22例,用湿润烧伤膏(MEBO) 外敷换药治疗;对照组20例,用传统三黄膏加氯霉素外敷换药治疗。结果 治疗组(MEBO组) 比对照组(三黄膏加青霉素组) 创面愈合时间平均快8d,P<005。结论 湿润烧伤膏外敷治疗小面积烧伤比以往传统方法愈合时间短,操作简便,且方便推广。
          Objective: To study the effect of MEBO Ointment in promoting wound healing after administering Direct Moxibustion on clients with refractory lateral epichondilitis. Methods: 42 patients, after being given Direct Moxibustion, were divided into two groups, the treatment group (N=22), to be treated with MEBO Ointment, and the control group (N=20), to be treated with traditional Sanhuang Cream in combination with Chloramphenicol. Results: Wound healing time in the treatment group was on average 8 days shorter than that in the control group, P<0.05. Conclusion: MEBO Ointment is indeed more effective than the traditionally used approach in China in the treatment of small-area burn injuries because of the advantages of a faster healing process, easy operation and convenient popularization.